Happy Kids Care's mission is to help kids live happier lives by encouraging them to give back and to volunteer in their community.



Max, I am thrilled Happykidscare is encouraging young kids to become part of their community. Stephen was spending so much time on the computer before we found about your organization. Now he is always trying to find ways to "give back".  It's been a long time since I've seen him this happy. Last weekend he was inspired to sort through all his old books then donated them to the children's library. He and his friend have already signed up for the challenge. Thank you!
Barbara S.
Mother of two volunteers


JB and I just wanted to take this time to say THANK YOU for all your kindness.  Leia is the happiest we have seen her in sometime.  You have made her dream come true.  She was so proud to show us her new violin and even played a few notes for us.
Homeless father
(HappyKidsCare arranged for weekly violin lessons at shelter)

Volunteering with HappyKidsCare has been an incredible experience for Elizabeth.   She said to her sister the other day in the car, "You really should come to the next event- every time I go, I feel like a good person and I don't always feel that way." Made my heart stop! It led to an amazing conversation about kids, self-esteem, and what "needing" and "wanting" is all about. Truly, we feel so lucky to have found HappyKidsCare.
Megan L.
Mother of volunteer

Thank you so, so much again to Max and all the HappyKidsCare volunteers for your energy, your generosity, your enthusiasm, your compassion, your commitment to work with Inspirica and make life better for all the children staying with us.   I hope you don't get tired of me/us all thanking you. I also hope you never get tired of doing what you can do to spread the word about Inspirica, and about the good things you and HappyKidsCare are doing to make a difference.

Elaine O.
Director, Voluntary Services
Inspirica, Inc.

Max, I want to once again say THANK YOU for the Ice Cream Social/ Magic Show yesterday. The children enjoyed and were THRILLED to have something fun and exciting to do on their day off. I am so glad to have HappyKidsCare involved with Inspirica Shelter- you are making a big difference in the lives of these "homeless" children... more than you know.
Miranda P.
Manager - Youth Services
Inspirica, Inc.

Thanks to Max and everyone involved in HappyKidsCare for everything you have done and are doing with Inspirica!!!! It is so deeply appreciated, I hope you know that.
Elaine O.
Director, Voluntary Services
Inspirica, Inc.

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